We Wait

Steve Skiver   -  

Sitting at the red light in the left turn lane

Standing in the dugout in the pouring rain

Christmas in December is coming soon

Lunch is served precisely at noon

We wait


The first of the labor pains have started

Sent off the first day of school unguarded

Calendar pages fly off like the cartoon

Pressing skip on the ear buds to find a tune

We wait


Sit down, the doctor has bad news

Stand up feel the comfort of new shoes

The woman cries, empty her soul is

The man broken, enters into hospice

We wait


Too busy to give the answer

Too busy to make the call

Too busy to serve

Too busy to live

And certainly, too busy to die


Searching to find the answers?

I will wait.

Ready to make the call?

I will wait.

Serve and live?

I will wait.

Death? Too late.


Waiting to find the solace here?

Exploring these words for wisdom near?

Looking for peace, and finding none?




Steve Skiver