A Nugget of Truth

Dan Howard   -  

Let’s talk about chicken nuggets.
They are a simple American comfort food.  In fact, Americans order, on average, 2.3 billion servings of nuggets in restaurants. So I want to ask you…What is a chicken nugget worth to you?

Would you believe a chicken nugget recently sold for $100,000? I’m completely serious. Check it out.

Now, we could talk about how off the wall this is, or how perhaps some people have too much spending money or we could make a social commentary on our fiscal priorities, but instead I want to ask you a simple question:

How many $100,000 nuggets have you casually eaten not knowing what you have in your possession?

2.3 billion Servings in America
1 person saw something different, identified it as such, pointed out its likeness and labeled it priceless.

Sure you could go all Touch of the Master’s hand here, but I want to deeper.

We often fail to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
By doing so we sometimes miss what’s truly important.
We don’t see the little blessings.

Your Blood Family
Your Church Family
By Christ, I pray for you that both are actually blood family.

You have been given something precious. It is place to gather with family and hear the word of God. It is a place to be supported and to help lift others up. It is a place where you are reminded who created you and what was done to redeem you. It is a place to bring your loved ones and be assured that any treasured heart you entrust here will be made eternal.

Your heavenly Father entrusted it to the generations. Now, if you are reading this, it has been entrusted to you. It is a gift for you to give to your children.

As society changes don’t overlook this gift. Don’t underestimate it.

After all, Jesus said in Matthew 18:

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Never I, Always We, Because of Him, Who Did it for ME

And that is today’s nugget of truth,

God bless,

-Pastor Dan