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Visiting Hope

We realize that it can be scary to walk into a new place. We would like to make it as easy and non-threatening as possible, so here's some basic information about what to expect when you visit Hope for the first time.

Parking and Entering the Building

We have a large parking lot on east side of the building, and additional parking on both the north and south sides. There are two entrances to the church, one on the south side and the other on the east, and both have wheelchair ramps.

Worship Service

The atmosphere in worship is relaxed. There is no dress code. You will see men and women wearing jeans or shorts,  business suits, and everything in between. Children of all ages are welcome.  You can sit anywhere you feel comfortable.

The entire service order will be visible on the main screens, but for your convenience we also have printed worship bulletins.  For kids, there are activity packets that they can use during the service.  They are located in the back of the Family Life Center (FLC).  If you cannot find them, you can ask an elder to help you.  When the service is over, please return the activity packets to the area where you found them.  For families with active children, we have a “busy hands” lounge located in the rear of the FLC – with a live audio and video feed so mom and dad can still participate in the worship.

Our worship service includes Holy Communion every week.  If you  have been baptized in the name of the Triune God, are in agreement with our Lutheran beliefs, and have been confirmed, we welcome you to commune with us.  Please read the information on the What We Believe section for more information.

Plan a Visit

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