Exile, Wilderness, Exodus, Return

Steve Skiver   -  

Exile, Wilderness, Exodus, Return


I am walking the line of time.

My beginning was not the first beginning,

But I am marking it as such.

The patterns repeat

But in which direction?

The Arrow Of Time points one way

And still exists the patterns.

The missed mark of the Arrow

Demands an intervention

Without which I know your end.

The patterns repeat.

Exile soon predicted.

Today lost in the wilderness.

Progress in exodus.

Sunday I return.

Notice how the patterns repeat?

The intervention began before my beginning.

Began before exile

Began before wilderness

Began before exodus

Through the intervention, return.

Yet the Arrow remains

Pointing the way, missing the patterns.


It is finished.

The patterns fulfilled.

No more in the wilderness.

As we progress to the promised beginning,

I am waiting at the Return.


Steve Skiver