This is part two, in cased you want to reread part one here is the link.


There seems to be three biblical categories that any person you interact with could be placed: family, neighbor, or stranger. While there may be different titles that would fit in each category: father, mother, brother, sojourner, alien, Samaritan, while not an exhaustive list, this is the idea.

Our culture is very different from first century Jewish culture. What we consider families, neighbors, and strangers are vastly different from what the biblical authors were familiar with. For sure, there is some overlap and consistent features among and between all cultures; how do we apply biblical teachings in our time and place?

The easy answer is to run to God’s Law, the Ten Commandments. If everyone lived by the Law, there would be little problem, correct? We have never been able to keep the Law. The Three Estates [from part one] always fall short in keeping the Law.

The Gospel is the harder option. Jesus kept the Law perfectly.  For that, we crucified him. His sacrifice paid for the world’s sin and lawlessness. In faith, we are justified and receive Jesus’ righteousness. With this in mind, what is our response to our family, our neighbors, and strangers? Think about it. I still am.



Trust the Promises


Steve Skiver