Steve Skiver   -  

A Meditation on John 5:1-7


“Do you want to get well?”

He asked me.

The thoughts for response flashed through my brain.

I do enjoy the wallow.

In the wallow is comfort, sometimes, most times.

Indeed though, I am here, I am trying.

The public face must be different

There is no wallow.

Still I feel that comfort call.


Anyway, why is he questioning me?

Let me wallow in my peace.

What crossed my lips:

Sir, I have no one.

What I meant, I suppose,

You can leave me too.

Someone goes in before me.

Among those not healed

We wallow behind the masks.


“Do you want to get well?”

Why would he ask me that?

He probably never wallowed.

Felt abandoned, felt the weight of missing the mark,

Crying out to a distant God.

Would he like to wallow with me?

Better question,

Would I like to wallow with him?


Steve Skiver


[The ESV in John 15 uses the word “abide.” I wonder if this may be used as a synonym for “wallow”? SS]