The Call

Steve Skiver   -  


This past Sunday, in some circles, was known as “Good Shepherd Sunday.” The Gospel reading comes from John 10: 1-10. Today’s devotion is based on that text.



The Call


The sheep know the Shepherd’s voice

I heard his call

At least, I thought it was

Listening again

I hear only the sheep

I bleat out:

Listen, the Shepherd calls


The sheep start the cacophony

Slowly at first

No, that’s not our shepherd

It’s not the proper time

For him to be here

Sheep bleat out

Are you sure of what you heard?


One sheep says, yes,

That was the Shepherd and his call

We listen

We hear the sheep

Maybe the Shepherd is defending

Against the thief, or the robber,

Or the wolf

Maybe the Shepherd is searching

For a lost sheep

You know,

Thy rod and thy staff


Your voice, it comforts me

I live in the sheep pen

My ears are filled with sheep

My eyes are filled with sheep

My life is filled with sheep

I am a sheep



Trust the Promises,

Steve Skiver