You Are What You Listen To

Dan Howard   -  

I want to share with you one of my favorite internet memes:

I’ll admit that since reading this a few years ago, it has become a line I have used extensively in my ministry. We forget that Christ comes to us constantly. He is readily available at any moment. Every day Christ comes to us in the form of the Bible that we often allow to go unused. He appears in the churches that He gives to us. He is present in pastors that call you to repentance and give to you Christ’s absolution. In fact, if you actively participate in church life, our goal is to help you connect with God often.
Monday Steve releases his Family Table Devotion
Tuesday you will fine a video Hope Filled Moment on our YouTube channel
Wednesday you can join us at 9:30 am or 8pm for Bible Study or join our 7pm Study service currently working our way through the book of Matthew
Thursday we are helping out at the food panty
Friday I drop my Family Table Devotion
Saturday is quiet, but Sunday we gather for worship at 9:30 and a lunch after. It’s a great way to get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ

I can tell you most assuredly Jesus is present.
Let’s worship Him together!


See you Sunday as we listen to His Word,

  • Pastor Dan