Father’s Day

Dan Howard   -  

We have said it 100’s of time in our life….

 Our Father who art in heaven.

Now avoiding the obvious jokes about God doing art… Have you ever stopped to think that you are calling the creator of the universe “Father”. The Lord of heaven and earth Dad.

We have a Father in Heaven.
And He is doing more than just watching from a distance. He is active and involved with His creation. He is aware of what is going on “under His roof”.  He has reconciled the world to Him through the love of His Son. In fact He willing sacrificed His Son rather than see you damned. That is the love of the Father for you.

That is shocking love.
It would have been shocking to the disciples who asked for that prayer as well. In the Old Testament God is only referred to as a Father 15 times. Most of those passages are about God’s nature. No one actually dares to claim God as their father.

Yet in the New Testament Jesus calls God Father often.
64 Times in the first three Gospels
120 times in the Gospel of John – John makes it a central part of His Gospels and Epistles.

What does that tell you? God want’s to be known as Father
He desires you to know Him as a God Father. As the Father who runs out to the prodigal. The Father who celebrates the lost being found. The Father that wants to be found. The Father who wants you to ask, seek and knock.

This Father’s Day. If you are a Father, pray with your children, and lead them to know God as their Father in Heaven
See you at Dad’s House

  • Pastor Dan